play a fucking show! in sheffield.

Will do our best.

is there anywhere i'd be able to download the 'cm punk is right..' song, love that song and can't find it to download/buy anywhere

You can get it here with our cover of ‘Dancing In The Dark’ and a European tour poster!

OR! Pretty sure it’s on a mixtape that Moving North put together or something!

Do You Guys plan to come to Germany anytime soon?

Hopefully! Next time we do a Europe tour for sure!

When do we get an album? much love sean

Sean! Hopefully this year! Trying to organise our shitty selves to book some dates to demo some stuffff!

I saw what Joe did for the Iron Chic artwork. It's incredible! Would he do stuff for other bands, if asked?

Do you mean the Iron Chic and Pacer split? Yeah he’s pretty good at the old drawing. He does do commissions for loads of bands too. I think his website is down at the minute ( but i think you can still email him at info (at) if you want.

I miss you all?

We miss you too?

fancy playing a show in plymouth at some point?

Of course! We’ve never played there before. Hopefully we’ll do some touring in the spring and it’d be great to check out Plymouth.

Is there anywhere I can buy any of your material on CDs?

Not that I know of Anon. Maybe try JC at Discount Horse Records?

You guys got your lyrics up anywhere?

We’re working on it!

You guys seem amazing with the lyrical content and were fucking amazing last two fests! But what's the deal with the "Vegas? I ain't goin' no Vegas!" lyrics. They seem a tad at odds with the ONSIND cover and their philosophy. Am I missing a point because I don't know you guys?

Hey Andy, thanks for the kind words. That’s a great question. I wrote the lyrics to that song in 2005 when I was extremely bitter about a previous relationship. None of the words are actually mine, it’s a combination of dialogue from the film ‘swingers’ and the song ‘bitches ain’t shit’ by Snoop Dogg and I guess I felt like I could express my feelings through pop culture references to avoid taking responsibility for the hateful things I was saying. We’re not proud of that song lyrically and we haven’t played it live in a long time for that reason. I hope that answers your question, take care pal.
Matt x